Monday, 6 May 2013

New YouTube Rugby Channel "Buttontheplay"

Rugby Videos at their Best !

For those of you who are familiar with the popular "Rugby Hits" videos, I'm sure you haven't heard of this channel yet. The new channel Buttontheplay is very well organised and put together, with work being of good quality and frequency. What many channels lack, is consistency of good quality and irregular production of videos, however this is not so. It has got a wide rang of series being "Big Rugby Hits", Tributes to Players, and Other such moments in Rugby. The channel is pretty new, only being made in February earlier this year and only 13 videos uploaded so far, it would be great to see more to come. His videos are made with high quality resolution, suitable music and great effects added to make it even better. Quite honestly it deserves, plenty more credit than it already has ! (Way more than other channels and videos out there) If you want to check out the channel or videos there's a link to it below, Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave a comment !

A link to the Tribute to Manu Tuilagi, "Beast Mode Manu Tuilagi" -

A link to a Collaboration of Rugby Hits, "Big Rugby Hits" -

And a link to the Buttonplay Profile,

Do if you can, subscribe, comment or share if possible, Cheers.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Western Force vs The Crusaders, Why were they Crying ?

I'm sure many of you have heard of this, but what really happened ?

The match was only in the ninth round of the Super League campaign. Force placed 13th in the table defeating to mid table rivals Crusaders this was a big accomplishment to the side,as they had only won 3 of their last 18 matches, hopefully this victory will give the squad a confidence boost and lead them onto a domino effect !

Match Review

Two minutes more or less the game was opened by an underdog try from Forces outhalf Sam Norton-Knight, a quick ball from the breakdown lead to a soft try from a great dummy five meters out. Quiet a few phases were put into this however you can never write of the Crusaders at any given time, never mind at the very beginning of the match. Jayden Hayward successfully converted the kick to give a 7-0 lead. This was short lived as in less than 20 minutes later second rower Luke Romano supported an easy push over offload to shorten the loss to 8-10 to Force. Force were persevering, and held the lead by two points. Play went on and Forces efforts were paying off leading by double Crusaders points by 16 to 8, veering half time. Luke Romano held bitterness and spite as he quickly picked over Forces line in the corner, however this was not to be as in the same play of phases, fullback Israel Dagg gave a forward pass, this disallowed the try and gave Force the chance to keep their heads above water until half time.
                        In the second half the Crusaders began to panic as time was not of their essence and they had to be assertive in gaining the points, they then gained momentum and caught up with Force. In the eightieth minute they were winning 16-14. Crusaders gave it their all in their last efforts to run the ball and hope for a break in the line. Force kept up their intensity and held onto the victory. The match was that of one played in Coronation Street, plenty of drama, ups and downs but held it together and fought for the win. They had beaten their enemies from New Zealand and were ecstatic, so much so that Rory Walton was reduced to tears. 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Jerry Collins Latest

It has been reported that Ex All Black international, Jerry Collins was arrested in a Japanese Supermarket in Hamamatsu after allegedly being seen carrying a blade beyond that of the legal length. Seen walking into the Market, he walked behind the counter, pulled the blade from under his jacket and placed it on the counter, soon after being with the security officials he was apparently "sweating prefusley and was in a state of panic or fluster" It turns out that he was being perused, and found refuge in the underground market . The security people of the shop sat him down and gave him water to drink. Authorities later then arrived and arrested him, bringing him to the local police station and held on custody.
              A close friend Jerry's, said that he had been threatened earlier on that day on his facebook, with people posting threatening comments, which led to him carrying the weapon for "self defence" in fear of his own safety. The people posting the comments have yet to be identified but are apparently "Brazillian Gangsters" that he has had a misunderstanding with.
              Collins had been in fear of his own life for a while now, lasting a few weeks of being constantly threatened. In Collins's own opinion he is "relieved to have been arrested as he is now at least safe, being in the police station". There has only been one video of the man in the station. In which he is being escorted back to his remand cell. It is possible he can be held in the station for up to 23 days, although he has since been released earlier yesterday morning (March 28th). It is has been also said that he has been treated very kindly and generously in the station. He does however have to pay a fine of  $1900.
             I am glad to see that he has been released and is now relieved from the pressure.