Saturday, 30 March 2013

Jerry Collins Latest

It has been reported that Ex All Black international, Jerry Collins was arrested in a Japanese Supermarket in Hamamatsu after allegedly being seen carrying a blade beyond that of the legal length. Seen walking into the Market, he walked behind the counter, pulled the blade from under his jacket and placed it on the counter, soon after being with the security officials he was apparently "sweating prefusley and was in a state of panic or fluster" It turns out that he was being perused, and found refuge in the underground market . The security people of the shop sat him down and gave him water to drink. Authorities later then arrived and arrested him, bringing him to the local police station and held on custody.
              A close friend Jerry's, said that he had been threatened earlier on that day on his facebook, with people posting threatening comments, which led to him carrying the weapon for "self defence" in fear of his own safety. The people posting the comments have yet to be identified but are apparently "Brazillian Gangsters" that he has had a misunderstanding with.
              Collins had been in fear of his own life for a while now, lasting a few weeks of being constantly threatened. In Collins's own opinion he is "relieved to have been arrested as he is now at least safe, being in the police station". There has only been one video of the man in the station. In which he is being escorted back to his remand cell. It is possible he can be held in the station for up to 23 days, although he has since been released earlier yesterday morning (March 28th). It is has been also said that he has been treated very kindly and generously in the station. He does however have to pay a fine of  $1900.
             I am glad to see that he has been released and is now relieved from the pressure.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

And on the Eighth day, God created BOD

It's only hitting home now, that we were so lucky to have him on our team. Yes, it was and still is a bit cliché, to say that "Brian O'Driscoll is the best player for Ireland" but he actually is ? Think about his record, captaining his Country, his Province and the British and Irish Lions. Only somebody with a significant talent and gift would be able to achieve this ... As a player he is by far one of the most intelligent and wise players to have played for Ireland, his ability to read the game was second nature to him, being at the right place at the right time was his forte. At times he came in and out of games, but even then he was picking his moments, often coming out on top at heroic moments, having him save the day again and again for his team. It's sad to see him go, maybe not now but it will happen. And my guess is that it'll be when he plays another fantastic match, to go out on a high note, to make it all the more dramatic. He served his country well and is a role model to us all. He as a person is fantastic at persevering, during the 2013 Six Nations campaign, he sustained a concussion,a double head wound and an ankle injury (source; the Irish times) all in his part for his country. He is not only a persevering-heroic-genius-inspiration, he is a genuine down to earth man and that's what separates him from the football superstars. Personally when seeing him pass in the street he has always had the courtesy to smile or talk back to you and that's why in my opinion he is somewhat the people's hero.

- And If your reading this Brian, which you probably won't, when and if you have a son, tell him there's no pressure.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jamie Heaslip, enough said..

He's a good player, not captain.

Not every reasonably good player makes a successful captain. When a player is promoted to the honor of being that of an International team, they shouldn't exactly look from above and dictate. Brian O'Driscoll is a textbook example of an ideal captain. Being an inspiration to every player. His enthusiasm and understanding of the game was second to none, having a positive outlook on everything he was an inspiration to his comrades. Granted Heaslip has a lot to live up to, he doesn't come anywhere close to that of O'Driscoll. Heaslip hasn't the outlook as a player, he is mainly focused on the forwards and his as negligence leaves his backline flustered as when it comes to decisions being made under pressure. O'Driscoll however had a reign widely over his backs and prepared his pack well, and could tackle any situation appropriately. This has however only come with experience. Both as a player and captain. As his duty has been called it has been time for him to step down and leave his dynasty to someone else. We should have prepared for this though, it was going to come sometime and we shouldn't have been somewhat in denial about it. Preferably in the coming year somebody else will take it upon themselves and conduct the roll well, but until then we're going to have to live with what we have sadly.

Monday, 11 March 2013

What ever happened to Wingers being able to Tackle ?

Rugby is a tough physical sport for a reason.

Before I start, let me clarify that not ALL wingers are bad tacklers, Hosea Gear and Julian Savea are fantastic tacklers and have great ability in the skill, however some of their counterparts are a disgrace to their roll.
           I don't mean to hurt anybody's feelings, but the sad truth is that wingers, in general, are shit at tackling. In the way that the sport is played, tackling is one of the most iconic parts of our game and adds great entertainment and fun. Many players take pride in their efforts and attempts in making a "good hit" but this seems to completely go out the window for wingers. Merely chasing or running after the ball carrier is acceptable apparently, because no attempt in contact is made ? You might be thinking, "what ? This never happens". Next time you see an overlapping try, have a look at the wingers attempt. 9/10 they will fail to even make an effort, just chasing after the ball instead. The only time a winger will tackle is if somebody will run right into them, and in this case this will only lead to disaster. Not very often do you see a winger successfully pull off a good tackle. If they 
do get anywhere near contact they almost try to grab the player with their hands instead of using their shoulders. Fullbacks are put at last men for the very reason that they are consistent and reliable at tackling. Maybe they could teach wingers a thing or two at training perhaps ?
             I'm not saying that wingers couldn't ever tackle but more they can't now by the looks of it. A few years ago some of the most physical players were wingers,  Jonah Lomu, Brian Lima and Caucaunibuca to name a few and often put forwards on their backs from the impact. Lets just hope somebody does something to change this back to the way it used to be.