Monday, 6 May 2013

New YouTube Rugby Channel "Buttontheplay"

Rugby Videos at their Best !

For those of you who are familiar with the popular "Rugby Hits" videos, I'm sure you haven't heard of this channel yet. The new channel Buttontheplay is very well organised and put together, with work being of good quality and frequency. What many channels lack, is consistency of good quality and irregular production of videos, however this is not so. It has got a wide rang of series being "Big Rugby Hits", Tributes to Players, and Other such moments in Rugby. The channel is pretty new, only being made in February earlier this year and only 13 videos uploaded so far, it would be great to see more to come. His videos are made with high quality resolution, suitable music and great effects added to make it even better. Quite honestly it deserves, plenty more credit than it already has ! (Way more than other channels and videos out there) If you want to check out the channel or videos there's a link to it below, Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave a comment !

A link to the Tribute to Manu Tuilagi, "Beast Mode Manu Tuilagi" -

A link to a Collaboration of Rugby Hits, "Big Rugby Hits" -

And a link to the Buttonplay Profile,

Do if you can, subscribe, comment or share if possible, Cheers.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Western Force vs The Crusaders, Why were they Crying ?

I'm sure many of you have heard of this, but what really happened ?

The match was only in the ninth round of the Super League campaign. Force placed 13th in the table defeating to mid table rivals Crusaders this was a big accomplishment to the side,as they had only won 3 of their last 18 matches, hopefully this victory will give the squad a confidence boost and lead them onto a domino effect !

Match Review

Two minutes more or less the game was opened by an underdog try from Forces outhalf Sam Norton-Knight, a quick ball from the breakdown lead to a soft try from a great dummy five meters out. Quiet a few phases were put into this however you can never write of the Crusaders at any given time, never mind at the very beginning of the match. Jayden Hayward successfully converted the kick to give a 7-0 lead. This was short lived as in less than 20 minutes later second rower Luke Romano supported an easy push over offload to shorten the loss to 8-10 to Force. Force were persevering, and held the lead by two points. Play went on and Forces efforts were paying off leading by double Crusaders points by 16 to 8, veering half time. Luke Romano held bitterness and spite as he quickly picked over Forces line in the corner, however this was not to be as in the same play of phases, fullback Israel Dagg gave a forward pass, this disallowed the try and gave Force the chance to keep their heads above water until half time.
                        In the second half the Crusaders began to panic as time was not of their essence and they had to be assertive in gaining the points, they then gained momentum and caught up with Force. In the eightieth minute they were winning 16-14. Crusaders gave it their all in their last efforts to run the ball and hope for a break in the line. Force kept up their intensity and held onto the victory. The match was that of one played in Coronation Street, plenty of drama, ups and downs but held it together and fought for the win. They had beaten their enemies from New Zealand and were ecstatic, so much so that Rory Walton was reduced to tears. 

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Jerry Collins Latest

It has been reported that Ex All Black international, Jerry Collins was arrested in a Japanese Supermarket in Hamamatsu after allegedly being seen carrying a blade beyond that of the legal length. Seen walking into the Market, he walked behind the counter, pulled the blade from under his jacket and placed it on the counter, soon after being with the security officials he was apparently "sweating prefusley and was in a state of panic or fluster" It turns out that he was being perused, and found refuge in the underground market . The security people of the shop sat him down and gave him water to drink. Authorities later then arrived and arrested him, bringing him to the local police station and held on custody.
              A close friend Jerry's, said that he had been threatened earlier on that day on his facebook, with people posting threatening comments, which led to him carrying the weapon for "self defence" in fear of his own safety. The people posting the comments have yet to be identified but are apparently "Brazillian Gangsters" that he has had a misunderstanding with.
              Collins had been in fear of his own life for a while now, lasting a few weeks of being constantly threatened. In Collins's own opinion he is "relieved to have been arrested as he is now at least safe, being in the police station". There has only been one video of the man in the station. In which he is being escorted back to his remand cell. It is possible he can be held in the station for up to 23 days, although he has since been released earlier yesterday morning (March 28th). It is has been also said that he has been treated very kindly and generously in the station. He does however have to pay a fine of  $1900.
             I am glad to see that he has been released and is now relieved from the pressure.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

And on the Eighth day, God created BOD

It's only hitting home now, that we were so lucky to have him on our team. Yes, it was and still is a bit cliché, to say that "Brian O'Driscoll is the best player for Ireland" but he actually is ? Think about his record, captaining his Country, his Province and the British and Irish Lions. Only somebody with a significant talent and gift would be able to achieve this ... As a player he is by far one of the most intelligent and wise players to have played for Ireland, his ability to read the game was second nature to him, being at the right place at the right time was his forte. At times he came in and out of games, but even then he was picking his moments, often coming out on top at heroic moments, having him save the day again and again for his team. It's sad to see him go, maybe not now but it will happen. And my guess is that it'll be when he plays another fantastic match, to go out on a high note, to make it all the more dramatic. He served his country well and is a role model to us all. He as a person is fantastic at persevering, during the 2013 Six Nations campaign, he sustained a concussion,a double head wound and an ankle injury (source; the Irish times) all in his part for his country. He is not only a persevering-heroic-genius-inspiration, he is a genuine down to earth man and that's what separates him from the football superstars. Personally when seeing him pass in the street he has always had the courtesy to smile or talk back to you and that's why in my opinion he is somewhat the people's hero.

- And If your reading this Brian, which you probably won't, when and if you have a son, tell him there's no pressure.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Jamie Heaslip, enough said..

He's a good player, not captain.

Not every reasonably good player makes a successful captain. When a player is promoted to the honor of being that of an International team, they shouldn't exactly look from above and dictate. Brian O'Driscoll is a textbook example of an ideal captain. Being an inspiration to every player. His enthusiasm and understanding of the game was second to none, having a positive outlook on everything he was an inspiration to his comrades. Granted Heaslip has a lot to live up to, he doesn't come anywhere close to that of O'Driscoll. Heaslip hasn't the outlook as a player, he is mainly focused on the forwards and his as negligence leaves his backline flustered as when it comes to decisions being made under pressure. O'Driscoll however had a reign widely over his backs and prepared his pack well, and could tackle any situation appropriately. This has however only come with experience. Both as a player and captain. As his duty has been called it has been time for him to step down and leave his dynasty to someone else. We should have prepared for this though, it was going to come sometime and we shouldn't have been somewhat in denial about it. Preferably in the coming year somebody else will take it upon themselves and conduct the roll well, but until then we're going to have to live with what we have sadly.

Monday, 11 March 2013

What ever happened to Wingers being able to Tackle ?

Rugby is a tough physical sport for a reason.

Before I start, let me clarify that not ALL wingers are bad tacklers, Hosea Gear and Julian Savea are fantastic tacklers and have great ability in the skill, however some of their counterparts are a disgrace to their roll.
           I don't mean to hurt anybody's feelings, but the sad truth is that wingers, in general, are shit at tackling. In the way that the sport is played, tackling is one of the most iconic parts of our game and adds great entertainment and fun. Many players take pride in their efforts and attempts in making a "good hit" but this seems to completely go out the window for wingers. Merely chasing or running after the ball carrier is acceptable apparently, because no attempt in contact is made ? You might be thinking, "what ? This never happens". Next time you see an overlapping try, have a look at the wingers attempt. 9/10 they will fail to even make an effort, just chasing after the ball instead. The only time a winger will tackle is if somebody will run right into them, and in this case this will only lead to disaster. Not very often do you see a winger successfully pull off a good tackle. If they 
do get anywhere near contact they almost try to grab the player with their hands instead of using their shoulders. Fullbacks are put at last men for the very reason that they are consistent and reliable at tackling. Maybe they could teach wingers a thing or two at training perhaps ?
             I'm not saying that wingers couldn't ever tackle but more they can't now by the looks of it. A few years ago some of the most physical players were wingers,  Jonah Lomu, Brian Lima and Caucaunibuca to name a few and often put forwards on their backs from the impact. Lets just hope somebody does something to change this back to the way it used to be.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Senior Cup "Team of the Round" from Facebook

Senior Cup Fantasy Team.

Note I did NOT make this team.
This is from the "Leinster Schools Senior Cup Facebook Page"

I certainly do not disagree with the choice of players, I do however think that there are many players forgotten in the Line up. In the St Michales Match against Castleknock College, flanker Jack O'Neill played exceptionally well, withstanding the fact that he was injured from the first phase almost, he is a stereotypical flanker, being at the right place at the right time, and intelligent in his decisions he made. Obviously not enough ? In the Clongowes match versus St Gerard's, outhalf Fergal Cleary orchestrated well his backline. His passing was on form and decision making correct.
Above all my biggest surprise was, the performance St Michaels hooker Richie Allen, he had a fantastic match, making a number of breaks and some tremendous tackles. That said, Andy Roche had an even better performance, although I do think Allen could have been mentioned as the tighthead rather than McKeever...
Gary Ringrose really did outplay his main contender Harrison Brewer, although he will be hard to come out on top next round I think. Had there been a "best player" chosen, I think this would have been too tight to call. Having many players put in superb efforts, the final contenders would be in my opinion Andy Roche, Billy Dardis or Gary Ringrose between them it would be too tight to say...

Monday, 4 February 2013

St Marys vs Kings Hospital Junior Cup First Round

Rolling Forwards dominate the game

The game was exciting, with many breaks and hits. Both teams displayed great determination with every opportunity being fought for. Usually in junior level scrums are competitive, but not as physical as those in senior level. Today this was different, having a huge amount of talent from both sides front row. Every scrum was won on the head, however maintaining the momentum was another challenge in itself. Having the ball being drove and won against the head more than once. This was down to the front 5 themselves. Today the ball was not suitable for stretching line attacks but more persistence with stronger ball carriers hitting tight and gaining the extra yard. Tackling was of very high standard, having very few line breaks but more an extra step in their drive. When given the chance, some players wove through tackle after tackle until brought to a hault. However it was unforgiving to anyone with the pitch being very slippy and water logged in parts.
                                   The game was of little tempo until a Kings Hospital try by Andrew Gibson was scored in the opening minutes. This was a poor start for Mary's, but they slowly but surely compensated up the pitch with a solid try out on the wing after many lengths of the pitch. Mary's first got the possession rolling with a break in the oppositions 10 meter line. This was what they needed to have loosehead prop, Ruadhan Fanning break the icing into Kings Hospitals try line. This gave the break even attitude to which many of the Marys players were fighting for, now it was an aspect of punishing the opposition for the upset to their victory. This was only the beginning and a lot could happen in the next 20 minutes until half time. At half time Marys were in the lead by only a try, if they wanted to win they had to keep up the intensity...
                From the very start of the second half at the kick off, karma was in Marys favor. The ball was being knocked on by the opposition, basics mistakes were made and passing was becoming flustered. This was only the start, with intelligent decision making from scrum half Derry O'Connor suffocating territory and   applying pressure at the weakest points. On the back foot, Kings Hospital began making handling errors and stupid mistakes. This was going to their advantage as it was being knocked backwards, until Marys second center Alexei Schuster made two heroic tackles on players in their own try line and deep in their own half, this is what in my opinion was the heart breaking end for Kings Hospital. After many phases of attacking the defence they coped well considering what little moral they had. Persevering till the bitter end it could only go one way, Marys had won many penalties but were unsuccessful to convert any of them. A lineout on the Kings Hospital 5 meter line set up second row Niall Curran push over to seal the win for them. Having the score brough to 18-5, at a difficult angle Derry O'Connor was very skillful to have got the ball through the posts considering the conditions. At this stage chances were very little of a comeback being possible. Marys forwards had began their quake and weren't stopping until the final whistle. Without failure the pack made tackle after tackle, bringing Kings Hospital shuddering into their own 22 once again. Seconds were left on the clock and Kings Hos were doing whatever they could in effort to fight for their pride, Marys were being awarded free kick after free kick, because of persistence and consistency in their effort to the line. However this was not to be as a penalty was blown and the final whistle announced...
                        In my opinion Marys have a very strong pack, and front row. Very fast and mobile backrow, but outstanding pace and hard running in their centers, with a consistent scrum half to link the two together. If somebody were to be named the man of the match, it would be too close to call, with Forward Niall Curran (the captain) leading and securing the win. but heroic efforts made by Alexei Schuster in my opinion the title is shared between the two !

Well done to the lads and good luck in the next round, and commiserations to the Kings Hospital team.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Ireland vs Wales

6 Nations Ireland vs Wales 1/2/13

Match Timeline

1 min-Kick off to Ireland, caught by Gilroy. Well gained space.
10 mins-Simon Zebo try, offload from O'Driscoll. 5-0 to Ireland.
11 mins-Jonathan Sexton conversion 7-0 to Ireland.
12 mins-Penalty to Ireland, high tackle from Wales on the halfway line.
13 mins-Matthew reese subsituted for Ken Owens, due to injury.
13 mins-Lineout lost against the head with bad dart from Best.
18 mins-Irish 5 meter scrum.
19 mins-Drop goal attempt missed by Sexton, but penalty awarded to Ireland.
20 mins-Penalty scored by Sexton.
21 mins-Knock on by Ireland, Scrum down to Wales.
22 mins-Free kick to Wales, turned over by Conor Murray
23 mins-Charge down by Rory Best and well caught by Zebo from a poor pass.
23 mins-Try scored by Cian Healy 15-0 to Ireland
25 mins-Sexton converts try to have a 17-0 lead.
26 mins-Turn over and box kick from Murray to go into opposite 22 meter touch.
27 mins-Penalty to Ireland, from crossing over by Mike Phillips.
28 mins-Penalty slotted by Sexton to give a 20-0 lead.
29 mins-Ball caught from kick off by Kearney and good yards gained in break.
29 mins-Penalty to Wales because of not ball not being released in the ruck.
31 mins- Ball passed out into touch, and all momentum gained lost. Line out to Ireland.
32 mins-Penalty to Wales, ball not being released from Healy
33 mins-Penalty scored, 3-20 to Ireland.
34 mins-Ball lost in lineout, and Wales gain posession.
36 mins-Great break from Wales George North, to get into Irelands 22
38 mins-Penalty to Ireland on their own 5 meter line.
38 mins-Blood injury Gethin Jenkins goes off.
41 mins-Penalty to Ireland, Sexton scores to have the score 23-3 to Ireland at the end of the first half.
                              Half Time
40 mins-Penalty to Ireland, scrum down.
42 mins-Kearney fails to reach the try line, but scored in the next phase by O'Driscoll. 27-3
43 mins-Conversion scored by Sexton, 6/6 so far. The score 30-3 to Ireland
44 mins-Gordon D'ary subbed for Chris Earls
44 mins-Penalty take quick by Wales, due to holding on in the ruck
46 mins-Penalty to Wales, Sean O'Brien not releasing the tackled player on the ground.
47 mins-Wales lineout on Irelands 5 meter line, Wales then score a try by Alex Cuthebert.
48 mins-Leigh Halfpenny converts the conversion
50 mins-Great break by Wales sub Scott Williams
51 mins-Penalty to Wales, O'Driscoll knocked the ball out of Mike Phillips hands from the ruck
51 mins-Wales substitute, Matthew Rees for Ken Owens,
51 mins-Ireland substitute Chris Henry for Peter O'Mahoney
53 mins-Conor Murray knocks the attempted interception ball on, Scrum to Wales from Irelands 22.
54 mins-Penalty Wales, Irish tackler not rolling away. then punted for touch
55 mins-Lineout to Wales, on Irelands 5 meter line.
56 mins-Welsh penalty taken quickly, on Irelands 5 meter line.
57 mins-Huge tackle from Craig Gilroy leaves Welsh player Leigh Halfpenny winded on the floor
57 mins-Rory Best shown to the sin bin, because of not rolling away in the ruck
58 mins-Leigh Halfpenny scores a try in the corner after many phases on Irelands line.
59 mins-Conversion missed leaving the score 15-30 to Wales.
62 mins-Good overlap play by Alex Cuthbert
62 mins-Penalty to Ireland, punted to touch by Sexton
63 mins-Mike Phillips subbed for Lloyd Williams
63 mins-Knocked on by Scott Williams, and caught by O'Brien
64 mins-Free kick to Ireland due to taking too long in the lineout,
65 mins-Welsh player calls Mark in own 22.
66 mins-Penalty to Wales as player was tackled off the ball
67 mins-Lineout by Wales lost and cleared by Ireland
67 mins-Scrum Wales as ball was knocked on by Kearney in effort to catch a kick
67 mins-Rory Best returns from the sin bin into a scrum.
68 mins-Penalty to Wales, the scrum collapsed. Leigh Halfpenny finds Irish 5 meter touch
68 mins-Mike Ross subbed for Declan Fitzpatrick
69 mins-Yellow card awarded to Conor Murray
70 mins-Welsh scrum on the Irish 5 meter line
71 mins-Another Welsh penalty, but taken quickly on the Irish 5 meter
72 mins-Irish scrum on their own 5 meter line
72 mins-James Hook comes on for Dan Biggar, Craig Mitchell on for Adam Jones
74 mins-Welsh lineout inside the Irish 22
75 mins-Try awarded to Craig Mitchell, the score 20-30
76 mins-Conversion scored by Leigh Halfpenny having Ireland leading by 22-30
78 mins-Possession turned over to Irish play by Zebo catching a way ward ball.
79 mins-Brian O'Driscoll awarded Man Of The Match
79 mins-Scrum down to Wales
80 mins-Forward pass from Wales scrum half, Lloyd Williams.

Full Time Whistle !
Final Score Ireland Wales 22-30 Ireland

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Leinster Senior Cup Schools Rugby

St. Michaels vs Castleknock College Senior Cup First Round

The match was of good quality and a good flow for the most part. The conditions were not suited to any outhalf, although they coped reasonably well. The game itself had plenty of open play, kept predominantly tight and with the forwards, it rarely reached the wingers. The rain was unforgiving to anybody that touched the ball and was very unpredictable. Scrummaging didn't collapse once, lineouts were often won against the head, and there were very few turn overs. 
            Line outs were unpredictable, and sloppy. Having jumpers being lifted slow off the mark. Tackling was consistent, and reliable in tight for Michaels, however Castleknock were weak on the midfield and wing. They did however hold strong on their own line in tight. With some players making some heroic tackles when broken and closing down the Michaels attack. Michaels got some of the most basic aspects of their game out the window, nearly taking the ball into contact at little or no speed. One player that defied this was the hooker, making many breaks during the game. Michaels scrum half was very quick from the breakdown with a flowing pass, and outhalf stringing the next play. Granted the ball was very slippy, but other players should have spread themselves out. With Castleknocks flanker, and captain James O'Neill he created huge amounts of space and made something out of nothing. Twice picking from the scrum and running blind, he wasn't given much options as the winger once cut inside into the play and having the ball go dead, and another when he fended off one tackle and offloaded to another. He played through an injury sustained in pretty much the first play. Having to be attended to by physios, carrying this knock didn't phase the player much as he continued to play well. However he couldn't finish the game as a second injury was too much to hold. However in my opinion he played very well and earned in my view the man of the match.

Match Analysis

  • 1 min- A huge hit at the halfway line see’s Castleknock's number 7, Jack O'Neill go down. He gets back up, Castleknock win their scrum and play down the blindside wing.
  • 3 min-Michaels concede a penalty on their 22 and Castleknock take the three point lead.
  • 6 min-Michaels win their own lineout on their own 22 and kick. They lose possession and Castleknock's 15 James McCormack hard makes good  ground.
  • 8mins-Michaels win their own lineout on Castleknock 22 . Michaels 11 Oisin O'Meara makes      good ground in a run.
  • 13 mins-Michaels knock the ball on on their 22.Castleknock win the scrum.
  • 18 mins-Michaels win their own lineout but knock the ball on.
  • 23 mins-Michaels draw the Castleknock defence from one side to the other and eventually Michaels number 4, Ross Molony gets over. Ross Byrne converts.
  • 26 mins-Michaels win their own lineout.
  • 28 mins-Byrne makes a good break in the center.
  • 30 mins-Michaels miss a penalty.
  • 32 mins-Michaels concede a penalty on their 10metre. Jack O'Neill makes a good break.
  • 33 mins-Michaels concede a penalty in Castleknocks half and jack O'Neill makes another good break.
  • 35 mins-Michaels win a scrum on the halfway. Michaels hooker Richie Allen makes a good break
  • *  Second Half *
  • 37 mins-Castleknock win a scrum on their 22. Castleknock 5 Zaran Butt is subbed for 22 Conor O'Shea.
  • 39 mins-Castleknock win a lineout and roll the ball well in the pack. They knock it on and Michaels fullback, Cian Kelleher makes a good break loses it in contact.
  • 40 mins-Michaels win a scrum against the head on the halfway. James Ryan makes a good break.
  • 44 mins-Jack O'Neill goes down injured. Number 22  replaces the captain.
  • 46 mins-Castleknock attack well and make plenty of ground. Great rucking defense by Michaels Castleknock kick into Michaels 5 metre.
  • 48 mins-Michaels make good ground 12 has a break offloads to 12 who stepped 3 players.
  • 50 mins-Pick and go by Michaels . score, try disallowed for crossing. 5 metre scrum.
  • 52 mins-Michaels turn over and Ross Byrne gets under the posts and converts. 
  • 54 mins-Break by Castleknock, High tackle by Michaels. Penalty awarded to Castleknock and they kick for touch.
  • 55 mins-Castleknock win possession maul it . Michaels turn it over.
  • 57 mins-Castleknock win a lineout against the head.
  • 58 mins-Michaels 3 Denis Coulson off for 16 Conor Duffy
  • 60 mins-Michaels 2 Richie Allen off for 17 Nick Quane
  • 62 mins-Michaels 13 makes a great break in the centre after excellent hands.
  • 64 mins-Scrum down on the Castleknock 10 metre. Castleknock win. Good hands out to the centers.
  • 66 mins-Michaels 21 James O'Connell on for 9 Nick McCarthy
  • 70 mins-Michaels 22 Mark O'Keefe on for 12 Matthew Gilsenen
  • 72 mins-Castleknock scrum down, they win it .
  • 73 mins-Michaels turn it over and kick for touch. Final whistle
  • Full Time, Michaels 14 Castleknock 3

Special Thanks to Michael Kineen for helping write and document the article !

Interview with John Fogarty

Interview with John Fogarty ex Irish International and Leinster player.

(Note this was conducted before the St Michaels match against Catleknock)

We asked, " What are your expectations for the cup this year ?"
He said that basically; Terenure College are favorites however they have a lot to live up to, and maybe they could be too confident ? They do however have a number of good players especially in Billy Dardis, Harrison Brewer, Andy Roche, and Tim Schmidt. But this will not be enough to secure the title.

We asked, "Are there any players to look out for this year ?"
He said again that; there were a good few players in Terenure to look out for. St Micheals have a good foundation in the squad this year with a number of younger players, "I don't like putting pressure on any players so I wont name them" However he indicated there were some from St.Michaels. He did although name that fullback Cian Kelleher would be a threat to any defence. (He proved to be right) In Blackrock, they also had quite a few good players, and that this year would be in preperation for next years effort in winning the cup.

And we asked " In your opinion who is a dark horse this year ?"
I think that Blackrock have been quiet, that said they are always expected todo well every year. This could work to their advantage. They appear to have a chip on their shoulder from last years defeat in the first round to Terenure. Their pack is really quite big, with Oliver Jager and Nicholas Timoney being a big part to it. St Marys have been quiet in this year so far, although they beat Clongowes and St Micheals at home. They have a small but strong side, quick and intelligent on their feet, but will depend on how they get on in Fridays match against CBC Monkstown.

Special Thanks to John Fogarty for allowing us to interview him, and Michael Kineen for helping me write and document the article !

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Schools Rugby Radio Programme "Heave"

Wednesday night, 9-10 pm, 93.9 Dublin South fm.

In the media there is a lot of focus on schools rugby, come this time of the year. Often there are supplements in the newspaper on the tournaments. Sentanta Sports covers the matches live and replays for television, Newspapers have nearly everything covered from the layout of the competition to analysis of the squads and individual players. They do a great coverage and overview of the rugby, but one thing they're lacking, was well captured by Heave. They're following all of the competitions from January until St.Patrick's day in March. This is as far as I know the only designated show to schools rugby !
                Radio has always a been a very big part in sports, having a wide audience and easily accessibility. Heave have made a big impact to the publicity in the sport, being more widespread and accessible. Other shows, have pundits giving their opinions on the level and tempo at how the game is now. These are always from experienced perspectives and from above nearly looking down. What Ian O'Connor and Paul Tuile the presenters did really well, was the ground work they did. Putting in the effort to get the perspectives from the people in the action, first hand instead of from observing. They got an interview with Wesleys Colleges' backs coach, Craig Ronalson, the interview was very informative, having the coaches perspective on the match played against St.Andrews and the match in front of themselves against Roscrea. One aspect of the show, valued very much so is the opinion of the Coaches. This is what separated in my opinion this schools rugby programme from any other.
               They have thorough results in every cup match, from The Fr.Godfrey Cup and Senior Cup. Broadcasting a somewhat bulletin at the start of every show, giving the results of the matches passed, fixtures to come and what they have in the shows agenda. They interviewed Eric Miller, St.Gerrerd's Coach senior cup team coach. They interviewed him via phone call from earlier on in the day showing their research and . Their way of interviewing, is articulate, direct to the point and give a great perspective to everybody.
 Overall the programme is really made a great first impression. They have a Facebook profile and Twitter page, links to them are at the bottom of the article. In my opinion they really are worth tuning into, when texting or calling into the station they dont dismiss your opinion ! Give them the like or follow on twitter !

Heaves Facebook page !
Heaves Twitter Page !

- Feel free to leave a comment, Cheers !

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Second Row Revolution

Could this be the kick start to a new era for second rows ?

In the English squad there are 2 new superb young players that have already made their debut to the limelight, but still have to prove themselves to secure that pair positions. They are both agile, athletic and physical, the credentials for a back rower however in my opinion, seen stronger in the second row. Often finding themselves dominating at the breakdown, and exceedingly strong in the backline defence. One thing they are lacking is experience, this only comes with time. Their names ? Courtney Lawes, and Joe Launchbury...

Courtney Lawes plays for Northampton Saints, he is only 23 years old. He represented England at under 18 and 20's level. Being very young, he has so much potential, his tackling technique is superb, being so tall and having the ability to hit low he pulls off his tackles well, he is obviously a natural athlete, and rugby player. He is lucky in the fact that he has natural speed also, well built to have a strong frame. Instead of being too tall, and pace being a disadvantage. Over all I can see him going very far, perhaps to be one of the first of his generation in versatile second rows hopefully. He also plays as a flanker, but ideally at second row, although he does make a good asset to any backrow.

Joe Launchbury, physically he looks more like a overgrown center, but they way he plays is ferocious. He has speed and is flexible in contact. Being only 21, hes relatively new. Playing with Harlequins development squad and England u18s. In the Junior World Cup he was named England's player of the Tournament. He was then called up to England's first squad, making his debut against the Barbarians in 2012 as a sub. He was voted in December of 2012, the Aviva Premierships "player of the month". He shows great ability in the air in line outs, great carrying of the ball, reliable hands, and he shows off that he is an intelligent player, reading the game well exploiting space and attacking weak tacklers. He is versatile in that he plays flanker regularly but in my opinion he plays better in the second row.
Together they can be a formidable pair, they are the ideal pair for each other. One being a strong head on kind of ball carrier, the other to run at the weak shoulder, they're both superb at tackling though I must say. I guarantee anybody, that in 3-5 years time, these two will be a devastating force to any line out, or open play attack, this will only happen when they both acquire experience.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Long Lost Brothers ?

Could Ben Foden and Adam Ashley-Cooper be long lost brothers ?

After looking at Ben Fodens tribute uploaded earlier in May of this year today, I thought something was really unusual. I continued watching the video, and the way Foden played was mimicking the Australian center Adam Ashley-Cooper ! I couldn't believe it, I then looked at Coopers tribute videos and highlights and the similarities were off the chain. Never mind how they look, but the way they play. Both have outstanding acceleration, the way they carry themselves on the ball they both try to shake off the defender literally, instead of handing off, and their style in how they approach contact. I'm not saying that they're exactly Quade Cooper when it comes to contact, not at all, they can both pack in some huge hits ! If you dont believe me click on the link to play their videos below.

They are both very versatile in the fact that they can play not only in the back three, but in the center position also. Both fantastic players, if you had either or playing 12 or 13 you would think they're the same person. Another aspect to both their games is that they both have a strong step on them !

- Ben Foden Tribute

- Adam Ashley-Cooper Tribute

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Polish Powerlifter signs for 4th Division Welsh Club

Welsh Rugby club signs Ex-Powerlifting Champion.

Mariusz Pudzianowski, has signed for Welsh Rugby club Amman  United Rugby Football Club. Weighing at 145 kilos in his prime and standing at 6ft 1 inches, he is a powerhouse to say the least. Weather he is physically able to move around the pitch is another question altogether. In 2000 to 2001 he was proven guilty of assault and theft. Assaulting a so called "Mafia Boss" he beat him up in effort to restrain him from assaulting a young man.
                               His main claim to fame was in the sport of Powerlifting he quickly became successful. Winning over 30 strong man competitions he is a well respected athlete in the sport. Another sport the man thrived in was MMA, he first signed a contract with "Konfrontcja Sztuk Walki", a Polish he has a good record of 5 wins out of his 8 fights. The shortest lasting only 39 seconds. Also being a featuring singer to his brothers band, "Zdobyc swiat". As if he couldn't become anymore successful, he runs his own school. Giving courses to bodyguards and bouncers.
Weather he will make any success in this sport is yet to be seen. However by the looks of it, he most certainly can make a good effort.

The club hes signed for a most likely chuffed with themselves, knowing they have this monster on their side, will demolish any hope for any contender. They play in the third division in the Welsh Rugby Union West League. Shane Williams being their only notable past player, hopefully Mariusz will add to the list. ( If not already )

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lions Tour Fixtures

Lions tour Fixtures 2013.

June 1st -  Lions vs Barbarians - Hong Kong Stadium
June 5th -  Lions vs Western Force - Patersons Stadium
June 8th -  Lions vs Queensland Reds - Suncorp Stadium
June 11th- Lions vs Queensland Province - Hunter Stadium
June 15th- Lions vs Waratahs - Sydney Football Stadium
June 18th- Lions vs Brumbies - Canberra Stadium
June 22nd-Lions vs Australia - Suncorp Stadium
June 25th- Lions vs Melbourne Rebels - AAMI Stadium
June 29th- Lions vs Australia - Etihad Stadium
July 6th -   Lions vs Australia - Sydney

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Promising players

Leinster A's up and coming players.

In the Leinster squad at the start of the year, a number of players have drifted in and out of the Leinster 23 man squad, replacing another or either being given a chance. Some of the players were given the opportunities to have a little experience under their belt, some really did experience competitive professional rugby and loved it, others not so much.

One player that really did make an impact on their chance was Brendan Macken. He played exceptionally in his matches against Newport Dragons and the Scarlets  (starting both matches). In his match against the Scarlets he intercepted a pass and scored a try, effectively sealing the win with a fifth try for the side. He had a solid performance giving Joe Schmidt a good impression for the future. He will add a lot to the provincial side and Ireland when given the chance. He has however been on the scene for a little while, having his first appearance against Glasgow Warriors in 2010. This was short lived as he then became a solid player with the A side. He did however make several appearances with the Irish u20's (13 in total). He is only young being only 21, he still has time. In my opinion he can makes his way through the ranks pretty quickly. His first objective, being to make the 23 man squad on the Leinster squad, and actually having regular appearances to their matches as a sub. Occasionally playing for the Irish wolfhounds, will add another bit to his career, in effort to make the starting Irish squad in the next 5 or so years. This said, given that Gordon Darcy and Brian O'Driscoll retire he should make the Irish squad for the 2019 world cup.