Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Leinster Senior Cup Schools Rugby

St. Michaels vs Castleknock College Senior Cup First Round

The match was of good quality and a good flow for the most part. The conditions were not suited to any outhalf, although they coped reasonably well. The game itself had plenty of open play, kept predominantly tight and with the forwards, it rarely reached the wingers. The rain was unforgiving to anybody that touched the ball and was very unpredictable. Scrummaging didn't collapse once, lineouts were often won against the head, and there were very few turn overs. 
            Line outs were unpredictable, and sloppy. Having jumpers being lifted slow off the mark. Tackling was consistent, and reliable in tight for Michaels, however Castleknock were weak on the midfield and wing. They did however hold strong on their own line in tight. With some players making some heroic tackles when broken and closing down the Michaels attack. Michaels got some of the most basic aspects of their game out the window, nearly taking the ball into contact at little or no speed. One player that defied this was the hooker, making many breaks during the game. Michaels scrum half was very quick from the breakdown with a flowing pass, and outhalf stringing the next play. Granted the ball was very slippy, but other players should have spread themselves out. With Castleknocks flanker, and captain James O'Neill he created huge amounts of space and made something out of nothing. Twice picking from the scrum and running blind, he wasn't given much options as the winger once cut inside into the play and having the ball go dead, and another when he fended off one tackle and offloaded to another. He played through an injury sustained in pretty much the first play. Having to be attended to by physios, carrying this knock didn't phase the player much as he continued to play well. However he couldn't finish the game as a second injury was too much to hold. However in my opinion he played very well and earned in my view the man of the match.

Match Analysis

  • 1 min- A huge hit at the halfway line see’s Castleknock's number 7, Jack O'Neill go down. He gets back up, Castleknock win their scrum and play down the blindside wing.
  • 3 min-Michaels concede a penalty on their 22 and Castleknock take the three point lead.
  • 6 min-Michaels win their own lineout on their own 22 and kick. They lose possession and Castleknock's 15 James McCormack hard makes good  ground.
  • 8mins-Michaels win their own lineout on Castleknock 22 . Michaels 11 Oisin O'Meara makes      good ground in a run.
  • 13 mins-Michaels knock the ball on on their 22.Castleknock win the scrum.
  • 18 mins-Michaels win their own lineout but knock the ball on.
  • 23 mins-Michaels draw the Castleknock defence from one side to the other and eventually Michaels number 4, Ross Molony gets over. Ross Byrne converts.
  • 26 mins-Michaels win their own lineout.
  • 28 mins-Byrne makes a good break in the center.
  • 30 mins-Michaels miss a penalty.
  • 32 mins-Michaels concede a penalty on their 10metre. Jack O'Neill makes a good break.
  • 33 mins-Michaels concede a penalty in Castleknocks half and jack O'Neill makes another good break.
  • 35 mins-Michaels win a scrum on the halfway. Michaels hooker Richie Allen makes a good break
  • *  Second Half *
  • 37 mins-Castleknock win a scrum on their 22. Castleknock 5 Zaran Butt is subbed for 22 Conor O'Shea.
  • 39 mins-Castleknock win a lineout and roll the ball well in the pack. They knock it on and Michaels fullback, Cian Kelleher makes a good break loses it in contact.
  • 40 mins-Michaels win a scrum against the head on the halfway. James Ryan makes a good break.
  • 44 mins-Jack O'Neill goes down injured. Number 22  replaces the captain.
  • 46 mins-Castleknock attack well and make plenty of ground. Great rucking defense by Michaels Castleknock kick into Michaels 5 metre.
  • 48 mins-Michaels make good ground 12 has a break offloads to 12 who stepped 3 players.
  • 50 mins-Pick and go by Michaels . score, try disallowed for crossing. 5 metre scrum.
  • 52 mins-Michaels turn over and Ross Byrne gets under the posts and converts. 
  • 54 mins-Break by Castleknock, High tackle by Michaels. Penalty awarded to Castleknock and they kick for touch.
  • 55 mins-Castleknock win possession maul it . Michaels turn it over.
  • 57 mins-Castleknock win a lineout against the head.
  • 58 mins-Michaels 3 Denis Coulson off for 16 Conor Duffy
  • 60 mins-Michaels 2 Richie Allen off for 17 Nick Quane
  • 62 mins-Michaels 13 makes a great break in the centre after excellent hands.
  • 64 mins-Scrum down on the Castleknock 10 metre. Castleknock win. Good hands out to the centers.
  • 66 mins-Michaels 21 James O'Connell on for 9 Nick McCarthy
  • 70 mins-Michaels 22 Mark O'Keefe on for 12 Matthew Gilsenen
  • 72 mins-Castleknock scrum down, they win it .
  • 73 mins-Michaels turn it over and kick for touch. Final whistle
  • Full Time, Michaels 14 Castleknock 3

Special Thanks to Michael Kineen for helping write and document the article !

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