Thursday, 24 January 2013

Schools Rugby Radio Programme "Heave"

Wednesday night, 9-10 pm, 93.9 Dublin South fm.

In the media there is a lot of focus on schools rugby, come this time of the year. Often there are supplements in the newspaper on the tournaments. Sentanta Sports covers the matches live and replays for television, Newspapers have nearly everything covered from the layout of the competition to analysis of the squads and individual players. They do a great coverage and overview of the rugby, but one thing they're lacking, was well captured by Heave. They're following all of the competitions from January until St.Patrick's day in March. This is as far as I know the only designated show to schools rugby !
                Radio has always a been a very big part in sports, having a wide audience and easily accessibility. Heave have made a big impact to the publicity in the sport, being more widespread and accessible. Other shows, have pundits giving their opinions on the level and tempo at how the game is now. These are always from experienced perspectives and from above nearly looking down. What Ian O'Connor and Paul Tuile the presenters did really well, was the ground work they did. Putting in the effort to get the perspectives from the people in the action, first hand instead of from observing. They got an interview with Wesleys Colleges' backs coach, Craig Ronalson, the interview was very informative, having the coaches perspective on the match played against St.Andrews and the match in front of themselves against Roscrea. One aspect of the show, valued very much so is the opinion of the Coaches. This is what separated in my opinion this schools rugby programme from any other.
               They have thorough results in every cup match, from The Fr.Godfrey Cup and Senior Cup. Broadcasting a somewhat bulletin at the start of every show, giving the results of the matches passed, fixtures to come and what they have in the shows agenda. They interviewed Eric Miller, St.Gerrerd's Coach senior cup team coach. They interviewed him via phone call from earlier on in the day showing their research and . Their way of interviewing, is articulate, direct to the point and give a great perspective to everybody.
 Overall the programme is really made a great first impression. They have a Facebook profile and Twitter page, links to them are at the bottom of the article. In my opinion they really are worth tuning into, when texting or calling into the station they dont dismiss your opinion ! Give them the like or follow on twitter !

Heaves Facebook page !
Heaves Twitter Page !

- Feel free to leave a comment, Cheers !


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