Friday, 21 December 2012

Profile and Background

Manu Samoa Tuilagi profile.

Manu Tuilagi more commonly known, is quite honestly one of the best players to the new style of game. He has been in the public eye a number of times for good and for bad. Renowned for his head knocking right dig to Chris Ashton. In my eyes, he is a young version of Jonah Lomu. He has the physique of that of a prop, the speed of a back, immense amount of strength and the way he carries himself, weaving past weak arms is the same of a winger, and pounces in and out of contact is a phenomenon. He is quite a specimen, weighing at 110 kilos (Thats the same as Cian Healy) and standing at only 6 foot. He still remains only 21. This is one of his incredible feats, as he is considerably young for the starting 15 of an international squad.
He has although got plenty more to come, in terms of play and drama.
                           Tuilagi was born in Samoa. He lived there until he moved to England, on that of a tourist's visa, to 5 of his brothers which played with Leicester Tigers at the time. He was only 12 when he moved. He spoke little English, only of which was learnt in school. His first match was for Hinckley Rugby Club, playing for the under 14's. He says he was smaller and somewhat fatter than the other boys, and his first impression was that he couldn't believe that everybody else was the same age as him. In 2009 he was in risk of deportation, the visa had ran out. His first reaction was that he didn't exactly care, although when his ambitions in rugby came into play, he only became concerned then. Obviously he wasn't deported in the end.
                           He quickly made an impact to the international spotlight in his performance against New Zealand, being one of many to come. He in the match played outstandingly when he needed to, in the 53rd minute he gave an assist on the 5 meter line. 4 minutes later, he broke the midfield channel line, shaking off 3 attempted tackles to which was another assist, funnily enough to Chris Ashton. This was the point of no return, England were ahead by 2 tries with less than 20 minutes left of play. If that wasn't bad enough, he got an intercept, his acceleration shocked me as he beat any contenders. To add salt to a wound, he jogged the last couple of meters, and tapped to ball down. To not only beat them but to do it in this fashion will not be done again, I can assure you. He really is an enjoyment to watch and a player to look out for.

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