Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The end of an era for the Prop.

"The Prop stigma"

The way people see props today is as, heavy, unfit, and uncoordinated overgrown men running from ruck to ruck. If anybody were to blame for this, I'd say, Phil Vickery, (ex England International, British Lions, Gloucester and Wasps, tight head prop) Weighing in at 125 kilos, he was quite heavy. He wasn't exactly mobile, compared to the modern prop... This first was apparent when he was playing for the Lions tour in 2009 and was opposed to Tendai Mtawarira, (otherwise known as "Beast") he was to be perfectly honest, beaten without dignity.

"Census Johnston, weighing 138kg"

The new era of  lighter, leaner faster props has began without a doubt began. Undoubtedly one of the best props is Tendai Mtawarira, weighing 116 kilos, however on average prop weigh from anywhere between 105 and 120 kilos, any weight heavier than this will take its toll on the players speed. Having to keep up with today's games speed, props are focusing more on being lean and efficient than pure bulk. Irish prop Cian Healy (Irish International and Leinster rugby player)  is one of the best of his age. Weighing only 112 kilos
he has already made his entry into the spotlight of the media, I personally think he has alot of potential to become one of the best props in the world, in the coming 5-6 years. I think he will make a big impact in this years lion tour in June. (Given he is selected, which he will be)

Tendai Mtawarira.

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