Friday, 14 December 2012

Those players you love to hate.

Unconditional hatred for some rugby players.

We all have those rugby players you hate, either it's that french winger with long hair that can't tackle, or fat prop that is so lazy he's painful to look at. I've narrowed it down for you to 5 players. (with the players I hate) For a reason or not. Some of the players below aren't ones that I hate, but more annoy me in the way they play, and what they have done. Please feel free to remind me of any that I have forgotten. These are in no particular order other than the person in first place. 

Stephen Jones. 
He has one of those, unhappy moaning face's. He plays the same as well to say the least. He is frequently captured shouting at his half backs, for the mistakes he has made. When in 2009 Ireland won the grand slam, I was not only happy for us winning, but the look of despair on his face, when his winning penalty dropped short . (I was chuffed).

Adriaan Strauss.
I cannot watch him play. It is awful to see how lazy he is in open play. I can't remember him every contesting a ruck, making a tackle, or getting involved in an attack from a ruck. I have no idea how, he has made his way to the starting team. 
When watching him play, if you ever get a chance, just watch him for 4-5 minutes. I guarantee, you will be shocked at his work rate being little or non existent.

Eric Lund.

We all know that the caveman position has been filled by Sebastian Chabal. I admire the attempt but it just isn't happening for him, but he more copied the idea than tried to set a trend...

Jason Robinson.
I can admit that he was a good player, but what annoys me, is that he is not suited to rugby, hes is not a rugby player, he is an athlete. This is purely for the fact that he was too fast. His running style was impetuous. He had the Olympic running style, his short fast steps, shuddering and shuttling from side to side, and the way he carried himself was phenomenal. It angers me that he wasted his gift to rugby. 

1. Martin Johnson.
When Ireland played England in 2003, Martin Johnson was the captain of the English squad, when leading the team out of the tunnel, he went to the wrong side of the red carpet. This led to controversy over the disrespect to our president, Mary McAleese. Had or will any captain of an international team, treat the queen of England with any slight disrespect, the whole country would have gone into a strike. I was delighted to hear that he resigned from manager of England, I was delighted that he had fallen victim to karma, and also being the Irish sporting public enemy number one. Keith Wood once said, " The three most dirtiest players I know are, Richie McCaw, Alan Quinlan and Martin Johnson ". Proving that even ex Irish internationals agree with what I am saying. Even though I am being a lot more blatant about it.

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